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Author* Mother* Preacher *Wife* Life Coach


LaKisha Janay has redefined what it means to be a woman of many hats. Born and raised in Chicago, IL by a single parent- it was in this space that she understood what the true definition of being grateful really looked like


After loosing her mom suddenly in 2014 she went through a battle of mental torment and had to find a way to deal with what she was feeling both mentally and emotionally.

Being a woman of prayer & faith, she relied on a spiritual journey to help her find peace and remove herself from everything she had been feeling emotionally that held her back

The process from transforming from a rejected young girl to an author, businesswoman, and leader took much courage, passion for change, and peace.

LaKisha Janay holds a Bachelors degree in Communication Studies as well as a Masters degree in Leadership. Of all of her many accomplishments- she is most proud of her years of being a wife and mother of 2 sons.

In 2015, Sereniti Life ™ was birthed and from that place it allowed her to pen her first book- “Sereniti- 30 days to a new start” Sereniti Life is defined as a movement committed to encourage people to discover their peace, pursue their passions, & unlock destiny. It is her goal to reach as many people as she can, taking the message of faith and peace to assist them in becoming the best version of themselves that they can be.